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Visioneer is a popular web host with simple, secure hosting. Whether you need cloud hosting or hosting that’s optimized for WordPress, Visioneer has a variety of plans to suit any website. Visioneer is ideal for beginners who might need a little assistance. Their 24/7 customer support team is ready to help you get your site up and running in minutes.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

Visioneer rocks. We migrated over about six months ago and the uptime has been flawless. We run a paid membership site and have over 700 members accessing our content on a daily basis which requires a lot of resources. We haven’t had any issues since our migration, which is fantastic. The support staff is always very helpful and their technical team is too. Highly recommend it for WordPress users.

Debbie Kübel-Sorger
Chairman, Kreutz Airlines

I recommend Visioneer to my friends and colleagues for a long time; their service and support is more than excellent! Their 24/7 support and the people working on, are very skilled. You will notice when you have trouble in the weekend :).
Keep also in mind that the work on a predictive way so you wil be informed before you get in trouble.

Donald Richardson
Editor-in-Chief, Boundaries Magazine

Amazing how kind and patient your staff is! thanks a lot for this! I had problems with getting my email installed and it took quite some time for the support staff to make sure that all of the suggested options (or at least the right option) was working. Visioneer staff takes time to get things done in an amazingly accurate and patient way. Thanks!

Cintia Le Corre
Chairman, Harmony Corporation

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